We cleared 1754 items of rubbish from Beau-Vallon Beach!

It took 26 volunteers two hours to pick up 248kg of rubbish from the popular Beau-Vallon Beach on 28 October 2023. Another successful Ceres Beach Clean Up in partnership with APEX! Overall, we removed 1754 pieces of trash, mostly plastics.

APEX General Manager, Eric Crutzen, welcomed participants before we headed out for the clean-up. Volunteers included those who registered online, APEX staff, members of the Belgian Association and local NGO, Marine Conservation Society Seychelles (MCSS), that represented Story Hotel.

Stationed close to the Lifeguard station, the team split into three groups. One worked on sorting the rubbish and recording data while the other two cleaned both ends of the beach. To ramp up the excitement, we held a competition, like we did in the previous Ceres Beach Clean-up at Anse Royale, to see who could collect the most bottle tops. The winner was APEX HORECA Brand Ambassador, Kevin Banade and his young friend De-Angelo. They collected 430 bottle tops!


Sadly, plastic items remain the most common material disposed of in our environment. We recorded 1055 pieces of plastic, most of them bottle tops. “I was quite shocked with the amount of bottle tops I found on the northern end of the beach,” said volunteer, Faisal. “I think we need to place more bins near the beach so there will be less littering.” Plastic kills our marine life and contaminates our beaches. We all need to make a bigger effort to replace plastic tops on the bottles when we’re done with our drinks.


Among the notable items collected were car tires, plastic chairs, barbeque grills, and even a heroin kit. In total, we collected 113 shards of glass, 159 bits of metal and 427 pieces of “other” rubbish. While the “sorters” were busy separating items, the rest of the clean up crew re-energised on Ceres juices. We wrapped up the morning by weighing the rubbish and sharing the data collected.

Our next Ceres Beach Clean Up is at Port Glaud on Saturday, 11 November at 9am. Please join us. Click here to register.

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