Small group, Big hearts – Ceres Clean Up Project (Au Cap beach)

If you thought the Clean Up project was done, think again! Our team did it again. This time at Au Cap beach where we cleaned up 138 kg of trash.

Our group was small, about ten people present. Of course, we expected more, but it is the heart that counts.

We walked up on the beach and set up our tent just across the DA’s (District Administrator’s office) and the Marketing Manager, our host for the event, Tara Port-Louis directed the group.

The clean-up started as soon as registration ended as the volunteers were quite eager. Equipped with gloves, gunny bags and our ever popular ceres shirt and hat, everyone got to work.

At first, we thought the beach was quite clean but upon a closer look, we found trash stuffed in places where it shouldn’t be. Our team managed to collect plastics, glass, metals (including cans) and other general wastes. On another note, some of the stuff we found was quite mind boggling, on a beach no less. For an early Saturday morning we can vouch that finding discarded tires and a broken bath tub a ‘find’. Who would throw a bathtub on the beach? And how did they even get it there?? Crucial questions.

But back to our topic, cleaning up the environment felt quite refreshing, and all the volunteers received water, juice, and snacks to munch on after the activity was over.

The big surprise remained on who won the SCR 500 voucher at Pop Up Shop, a way to give back to our volunteers. The big winner was Mr. Bernard Croquennec an avid participant in our Ceres clean up project. If you would like to register for any of our future events, click here

Mr. Croquennec our winner

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