Ceres Clean up – Anse Major Trail 20th August 2022

The second instalment in our program; Anse Major trail, was completed on 20th August 2022.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shinning through some small dark clouds clusters that felt a little troubling, however a little rain was not going to stop us from completing our goal: To Clean Anse Major Trail!

A small but powerful crowd of about 20 of us, mixed with Apex team and registered participants, started off the journey from La Scala Car Park, and picking up all sorts of trash along the way.

We were not surprised to find the first trash hotspot right at the beginning of our journey at the popular spot on the rocks where it is usually a busy sunset viewing point.

We were lucky to receive two guides from SPGA that assisted us in this activity. They educated us on some of the plants that was found along the way and kept everyone busy with tasting the different fruits available as well.

The Anse Major trail is also full of beautiful spots, either going through some rocks, or passing a stream. You can find the most breathtaking views of the north side of Mahe on this trail. It was definitely a treat for the eyes.

Ok, but how did these dentures end up here!!?!

We ended the hike on Anse Major beach, where we weighted the different type of trash that we collected.

We collected: Plastic – 7KG, Glass – 7KG, Mixed – 8KG, a total of 22KG. We would like to remind you that the trail was newly re-opened in July, so we nearly expected no trash at all.

We ended the day with some relaxing meditation from Lucie, she helped us to visualise our life and the role we play in society, yes it is nice to clean up for one day, but how does the rest of the days impact the environment and everyone around us. It was a beautiful end to a beautiful day.

Thank you to everyone that helped us clean up Anse Major Trail, it was an amazing day and we are looking forward to cleaning up the next beach and the next trail, and the one after that 😉

For the world, for the environment, for Seychelles, until next time!

Email cerescleanupproject@apex.sc to find out more about the Ceres Clean up project, you could also register here for our next event.

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