Seychelles Clean Up

Many sustainable issues derive from human behavior changes and influence. Although providing information is important, it is alone ineffective when it comes to results. It is our responsibility as a company to do our part for not only the environment but also the country where we live and love. This brings us to host the Ceres Clean up project, where our goal is to educate and present the ongoing littering issues of the environment. We realize that a lot of our consumers do not properly dispose of the packaging of the products we sell, so we need to continue to educate our consumers that enjoy our products to also make use of the bins, recycling centers and continue to keep Seychelles clean. We hope that building up a core group of agreeing eco-friendly people may further aid the community on the importance of keeping the environment clean.

The Ceres clean up project segment into a total of 6 different clean-up locations – 3 hiking trails and 3 main beaches:

For the Beach clean up program, the event will start at 7am and end at around 12pm. The day’s schedule will comprise firstly with Yoga and Health workshops – led by Move with me, followed by a debrief at 8am – 8.30am. The clean up on the Beach will begin at 8.30/9am until 12pm, binding the end to the event with a photo opp.

For the Hike/Trail clean u program, arrival and registration will start from 8am to 8.30am, with the debrief starting subsequently. The Hike is to commence at 9am, following this with Meditation and Health workshops. This program also ends with a Photo opp.


You can register here to confirm your participation in one or all the events you would like to attend. Of course the more the merrier.

Bin liners, refreshments and snacks will be provided. As for general equipment such as gloves and boots, it is recommended that participants bring their own supplies.

If you have any questions please email us on

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